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  • NEMA
  • Molded power supply cords
  • Trouble lights
  • Extension cords
  • Brooder lights
  • Molded female connectors
  • Cord reels
  • Triple-connector extension cords
  • 4-way extension cords
  • Motor replacement cords
  • Mechanical plugs
  • Booster cables
  • Range and dryer cords
  • www.mid-statemfg.com

Underwriters Laboratories

Canadian Standards Association

RoHS Compliant

Cord-Sets combined with Mid-State Mfg. offers a large variety of custom and retail products. Some of our products include; molded power supply cords, trouble lights, extension cords, brooder lights, molded female connectors, cord reels, triple-connector extension cords, 4-way extension cords, motor replacement cords, mechanical plugs, booster cables, and range and dryer cords. Our products are UL, CSA, VDE and RoHS compliant.
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