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Custom Molded Parts

female connectors from Cordsets
  • Strain relief
  • Female connectors
  • Nema plugs
  • 1-15P
  • 5-15P
  • 6-15P
  • 6-20P
  • 5-20P
  • 5-15P Right Angle
  • 6-15P Right Angle

Cord-Sets offers the following Nema configurations in molded plugs; 1-15P, 5-15P, 6-15P, 6-20P, 5-20P, 5-15P right angle, 6-15P right angle. We also have the capabilities to attach mechanical plugs onto any cord set. Cord-Sets has tooled many styles of molded strain reliefs for various applications including; power hand tools such as drills, saws, and cutting equipment.

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